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Avon Product Price Changes & Explanations

Avon's brochure prices are on the website as well as in the Bi-Monthly brochures for what is On Sale currently

Introductory Price means that this is a New Product & as a means to get everyone interested in purchasing the item when it first is available to the public it's being offered at a low sale price which is usually for the 1st month that it's being offered to the public & afterwards the price will be Regular Price

Regular Price means that this is the cost to order the item when it's not on sale - most items in the brochure are sales prices but there are some items which are in the brochure for their Regular Price

Clearance Price means that the item is being offered for a low price to clear out the inventory because New Products are coming in & the items in the OutLet section are there as a 1st come 1st served basis because the number is limited so if you see something in the OutLet that you are interested in do order it that day because it's possible that it'll be sold out later

Special Offer with Purchase means that in order to qualify for the Special Price a certain amount of items must be purchased or purchased from a certain section in order to get that Special Offer Pricing

Cash & Carry Discount means that I've got an item in stock that I've either already discounted or am willing to make a discount on when you purchase the item using Cash - Most Items Listed for Sale here are available for a Cash & Carry Discount & are labeled with that distinction

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